Energy Efficiencyenergy efficiency

Using the latest technology CW Electrics Ltd is able to provide your premises with a complete analysis of your current energy usage over a daily, weekly or monthly period. The report will provide details your total consumption, 24 / 7, and will highlight peaks and interruptions to the incoming supply.

CW Electrics Ltd will then provide a comprehensive report outlining the corrective measures required to lower your carbon footprint and subsequently save on your energy costs.  Our report includes an estimate of costs to carry out the works required.


A large percentage of a building's energy consumption is taken up by the lighting. Low cost, energy efficient, lighting can be fitted to replace old modular office lighting, or a
lternatively eco controllers can be fitted to regulate the voltage and current supplied to your current fittings offering a typically 25% saving on the consumption used by fluorescent lights.

energy bulbsenergy bulbsenergy bulbs

Sensors such as PIRs and LUX automatically switch lighting on or off if movement is detected or the natural light reaches a set level.  These sensors can save up to 30% on your normal consumption.


carbon footprintKey Switching

Low cost key switches can be used to control non-essential services and isolate the power or lighting during the hours when no one is in the building.  This again lowers your energy consumption and gives you a saving on running costs.



Smart Meters

Smart meters that provide information on your energy usage can be installed and monitored to pinpoint energy wastage and allow you to implement measures to rectify any problem area.