Solar Power

reaCW Electrics Ltd is accredited as a solar panel installation company by the Renewable Energy Association.  Our fully trained staff are happy to provide information and advice on all aspects of solar panel installation

Renewable energy is needed to save the planet from the harmful effects of carbon emissions and using solar panels to capture the energy emitted by the sun is one of the biggest contributors towards conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions.


solar panels


Solar panels convert the suns energy into electricity allowing homeowners to power small or low powered domestic appliances,
with many households in the UK now having been fitted with solar
hot water tanks and solar boilers to meet their hot water and heating requirements.

As a certified solar panel installer we provide specialist advice on
the types of installation, including the most popular, roof installations.  Using only
high quality and ecologically sound products, these installations are designed to your exact requirements and are an investment that will substantially reduce your energy costs and benefit you for many years.