Thermal Imaging

A thermographic survey involves taking thermal images of electrical equipment including distribution fuse boards, contactors, switch boards, transformers, motors, battery banks, UPS's, control panels etc.

All electrical systems, equipment and components are subject to deterioration once commissioned.  With thermal imaging it is possible to identify faults which may have occurred over a period of time such as loose connections and over loaded circuits (the most common cause of electrical fires).

A thermographic survey is carried out whilst the equipment is in operation, causing no disruption to business.  A survey report will identify and diagnose equipment found to have faults and recommend optimum repairs.  It will also provide an evaluation of fault severity enabling the client to plan remedial work thereby reducing any operational down time.

Excessive loading of electrical systems and equipment or phase imbalance may also lead to failure. Deterioration or over-loading of electrical systems and equipment is not always apparent or detected by conventional checks such as routine monitoring and maintenance or periodic test and inspection.  However, when energized and under load, these faults become clearly visible with the aid of thermal imaging techniques. 

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The Benefits 

         Unbeatable for electrical Fault finding – No other technology is able to identify electrical faults as safely and as quickly as a thermographic survey. 

         Totally non-intrusive. – A thermographic survey is non-intrusive, resulting in no disruption to normal business operations. 

         Reduction in the cost of breakdowns – As faults are found before they cause equipment to fail, the associatedcost of repairs is minimal compared to the cost of equipment failure.  

         Depending on the type of equipment and its location, the cost of electrical failure can run into many thousands of pounds in repairs, lost production, injury claims, etc. 

         Insurance Premium Reductions - Increasingly, insurance companies are reducing

their premiums to companies who undertake annual surveys, some insist on a thermal imaging survey prior to providing Reduction in Risk Management Contingency Budgets